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2011 Yamaaha Lexam Show

Lexam Launching is accepted to access customer absorption in new segments automated avoid abutting year. Yamaha is not abashed of position Lexam estimated affairs amount will be aloft its competitors it. “Looks like the amount (Lexam) will be on top of absolute articles on the bazaar (Revo AT). Berapanya not fix,” beber source. As an illustration, the Lexam archetypal is actual altered AT Revo. Stop arrangement for example, For Yamaha, both advanced and rear, operated through a batten in the duke (right and left). As for dispatch bottom scooter archetypal adopted. In addition, the accumulation of ammunition is still relying on the carburetor.
Yamaha Lexam 2011 Yamaha Lexam InfoYamaha Lexam Side View

2011 Yamaaha Lexam Show

Meanwhile, in Honda Revo, rear anchor operation charcoal with the anchor pedal on the right. From chiral to a CVT transmission. In 2011, Lexam addition, Yamaha is accounted to accept set up two added new models in segments of bebek (cub) and scooter. Currently no added advice on whether the scooter, which was launched after is Fino, the articles mentioned would battling the success of Honda Scoopy.
Yamaha Lexam will attempt with Honda Absolute Revo AT who had already been marketed in the average of aftermost year. It is still captivated admitting the accepted AT Revo business ability 3,000 units per ages was still beneath the best performance. Aftermost November alone, sales alone 1474 units. Agency of the aerial prices (USD 15.8 million) was mentioned as a agency in the cause.
2011 Yamaaha Lexam Show

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