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Sonic Devil Pink by PM Racing

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
Another car from a shop PM Racing at the same style but different cars from the tone of the trailers in the winter by wearing pink devil black wheels. Front shock absorber tube is a golden core of luck to the other a beautiful gold plated.  Car caliper brembo 4 Pot front is a red plate is the growth plate size 300 mm. The pumps on a floating cover to customize. Mobile Bay chrome c strut. Canon undertaken both chrome radiator replacement cable knit line. Put your feet on the driver to change gears for new links in a way that Allah is the same hit. Brake after the worm was still painting the new car replaced the caliper brembo 2 Port Butterfly… Read More


Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
Click-i REPSOL HONDA by SAK 9 km This is a high performance line of work to decorate the SAK 9 km from the idea to build a car with a racing car in Moto GP and contact number of the de Daniel 2. Pedro Lisa made out very beautiful and perfect. COMBIZ Whether it is to illuminate the front shock absorber younger newest COMBIZ.  Came together with Car Lipper work CNC 4 pot that serves to stop the work of Off-set plate size 220mm. Pump casing hands on brembo Condo amino. Author Pat seat cover with aluminum Bearing Factory new cast end is a new exclusive Shock Absorber rear The new move into the middle and create a new seizure medication. Shock after… Read More

Mio 125 Sport Racing

Sunday, November 21st, 2010
Passed to the function concept car Car Yamaha sport in ADVANCE this time holding one of the National Bureau of author names. Decorated with many different camps SRY Shop with a form of decorative colors, white stars, is expected. In contrast with the red bag. He wiped the new seat Big scooter 2 new leather color as the front brakes on a floating pump. Car Lipper and author of Auto Racing boy plate cylinder and set up his site pages choke down 12-inch wheels with tires Mac IRC room foot installed.  Author feet and planned to play a Protestant. The conveyor motor cover painted to match the car. YSS rear shock absorber cylinder is a handsome selection… Read More

FINO The Beetle

Saturday, November 20th, 2010
Another experience of dressing in a car  Far from the shackles of some rich man or woman in a car like that turtle. VOLKSWAGEN NEW BEETLE  or full name in front of the all-new cast to see fiber to the car's unique turtle is co d Mon. Then install the four power MOS structure on the moon with chrome plated steel.  Replace front suspension lift kit out of the car to put extra cast ATV Alloy Wheels 4 x 12-inch tires used as a motor vehicle tire that is not thinking.  Make it to the new exchange to another. nOw_hOw. Transmission… Read More

Mio 125 GT by SRY Shop

Saturday, November 20th, 2010
MIO 125 top car automatic. The technology combines the best of the Yamaha to put a fully stuffed. And streamlined by the National Bureau of tune with a SRY-O 125 makes this car stand out beautifully by the unique design sets a new tune out, but still it is OK with the original file, LTD.  Modify the set of new hands. Place before Mike The Chit mane and hands are adjustable.  Factoring in the new cast end rings his ass ant Install a LED tail light and a LED Lamp separate system as well as a change Front Projector Arm. Beautiful features Max edge 14 of the vehicle front and rear  To see the back suspension system management moved into the area… Read More

WAVE 110 i Top Option

Friday, November 19th, 2010
This latest version of the popular wave 110 i car now with the cost-saving price. Get a unique shape the development of wave 125 i past wave 110 i made this model popular. Get a nicely decorated too. Affordable car that hit the belt now.
nOw_hOw. Colors on the same level of tune Thep. nOw_hOw. Corner, it looked beautiful. nOw_hOw. Pumping jab was hidden. Because it cost… Read More

Mio 125 Hyper by X-Speed

Friday, November 19th, 2010
Top Bureau of the wedding industry recognized that if they catch decorated vehicle which is not only pretty muscular. In the form of the bureau itself with this O-125 cars packed with unique and souvenir, whether it is a set of hand-bar aluminum Drive the latest Orange. To set the sleeve art on the accelerator and hand great new site. LED Fax Bearing the original, but still handsome Fiber Reinforced beauty set headlights and LED fender lights installed next redesign. To set the choke tube to face pretty good job of the shop site.  Set brakes on choosing a floating pump.  CNC  The Car Lipper CNC work is better than anyone.  Oil pressure sending… Read More

Scoopy old parts simple

Friday, November 19th, 2010
Another strength of the belt is a big morale young girl. Must give a copy Gupta. With a beautiful shape. Comes with fuel economy. Does not surprise many people turn to choose with care because there is no simple radiator.   Save it with a PGM-FI injectors, and it is a simple tune of the Rama 3 people visiting each other that the normal  It plain where nOw_hOw. Scoopy-i old parts simple row Rama III. nOw_hOw. Switch power hand brake tune after tune. Read More