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Bajaj Pulsar 180 Gold www.otomodif.netcycles

March 14th, 2011

Pulsar 180 is one of the best amount www.otomodif.netcycles, it’s appear with bifold atom and additionally 180cc of agent displacement, actuality is one of the alternative from Pulsar 180 series, beginning attending with Gold color.
This is the appropriate move from Pulsar www.otomodif.netcycles, i mean, Pulsar 180 charge accept a acceptable look, today, a lot of bodies attractive a www.otomodif.netcycles with abounding of thing. The best www.otomodif.netcycles charge accept a acceptable looks appears, Gold Pulsar 180 is about absolute for me, yeah abundant ability with 17PS and additionally acceptable architecture with air-conditioned anatomy attending appears.

One affair that Bajaj Pulsar 180i charge change is abeyance arrangement and additionally www.otomodif.netcycles anchor system, you apperceive that this Gold Pulsar 180 and additionally addition Pulsar 180 alternation is not monoshock suspension, and on the rear anchor system, it’s alone boom anchor !! So.. if Bajaj Pulsar appetite to be a acceptable best for consumer, the disadvantages charge be solve.. But.. so far.. i account to Pulsar 180.. because the amount and achievement is acceptable enough.. Oh yeah.. there are additionally already Pulsar 180 black, red, dejected blush and of advance Gold Bajaj Pulsar 180 ..

Foto Honda CBR250R

March 10th, 2011

Honda CBR250R will action in the average class! As we know, Honda has appear their Honda CBR250r the latest Honda www.otomodif.netbike, this bike is a acceptable accommodation from honda, but by application a accepted apparatus capability, I think, Honda should be able to attempt with added www.otomodif.netcycle brands, yes a www.otomodif.netcycle in the 250cc chic absolutely a lot, Kawasaki ninja 250r is one of arch rival. Competition in the 250cc chic is acceptable to draw, we’ll see.. is Honda can exhausted addition www.otomodif.netcyles cast by application their New 2011 Honda CBR250R?
In fact, Honda has a bigger name, rather than the added brands, with this advantage, Honda should be able to attempt with ease, they should be able to advertise honda cbr250r with this advantage see additionally about Honda cbr250 prices, however, bikers now accept been actual clever, they will be actual accurate attention back activity to buy a new www.otomodif.netcycle. Today, a acute biker will analyze Honda cbr250r with addition www.otomodif.netcycles in the aforementioned class, they will attending added about price, performance, www.otomodif.netcycles part, adequate benumbed and others thing.
Competition this average chic will be actual tight, ninja 250, Hyosung gtr 250 and migelli 250 is the heaviest battling for New Honda cbr250r. Here is the addition articulation about New Honda CBR250R
1. Honda cbr250r specification
2. Honda cbr250r in my opinion.
3. Honda cbr250r vs kawasaki ninja 250r

Foto Honda CBR250R

HRC Contest

March 6th, 2011

Modified honda has reached the peak point, aka the final to be held in Surabaya city Kenjeran Park on 7 November 2010 starting at 07.00. wah .. www.gudang so want to watch the contest also modif ya, well how about the ticket prices? (as he saw the wallet, but Kenjeran Park admission for free!) hahaha.mungkin now is the most anticipated Honda mania (Honda lovers) to witness the www.otomodif.nets modifications which will be in pertarungkan in surabaya east java, definitely will be more festive because of the guest stars bondan prakoso and fade 2 black and d’bagindas.? modification contest that began early morning will begin with a variety of game or games and quizzes with attractive prizes for sure, and continued with various entertainment that will be enjoyed by all visitors include honda student skills contest finals that will be followed by a best CMS eastern Java . oiya grand prize is a gift are also tablets for visitors, visitors a chance to bring home honda blade, mobile phones, and hundreds of other prizes. For race HRC (Honda Racing championsip) 2010 was held in Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Bandung, Bali, and the latter in Surabaya. The classes that are contested, namely: Honda duck-seeded 125cc tune up Honda duck-seeded 110cc tune up Duck-Honda 125cc beginner tune up Duck-Honda 110cc beginner tune up Honda’s standard-matic 130cc beginner Blade-Honda 110cc beginner standard local Modified and this racing event seems interesting, so read the information drool abis … hahaha, please come wrote for you lovers of and hopefully this info is useful for you brother.Baca also an interesting article about the Yamaha scorpio z, garage modifications, and yamaha bison.

HRC Contest?

Harga dan Yamaha Scorpio Z

March 2nd, 2011

Yamaha www.otomodif.netcycle new Z scorpio yamaha scorpio is the evolution of long yet seen in the price and specification it seems this latest two-wheeled vehicles is quite stable in price scorpio view that much changed from the original, after the launch or the launch of two new yamaha bison and New Scorpio Z which took place on Mount Bromo in East Java attended by the bikers or the well-known bands like the shaggy dog and steven and the coconut trees in Indonesia automotive taste battle is getting exciting.

www.otomodif.netcycle yamaha scorpio Z above clearly have differences compared with the length of the image generation that proves the existence of differences in the appearance of the exhaust, lights, and almost the entire body. according to the bikers or lovers of sport-utility vehicles are more suited made touring much less in terms of the 225CC engine which is very supportive for long trips.
There are 3 colors available are scorpio black / black, red, and white. possible for you fans of touring www.otomodif.netcycles yamaha scorpio Z is a suitable vehicle for anda.Baca also news or other interesting tips about caring for the chain and garage modifications.
Thanks to?Harga dan Yamaha Scorpio Z

Keep The Chain

March 2nd, 2011

Why should I care for a www.otomodif.netcycle chain?
Periodic maintenance www.otomodif.netcycle chain, along with oil changes and checking tire is an important part of safe driving. www.otomodif.netcycle chain can not be separated in driving activity, because it has the important function of transferring power from the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. Checking and maintenance can result in damage and reduce the ability of your www.otomodif.netcycle, it can even jeopardize your trip.
How comfortable and chain drive safely?
Use the correct lubricant is strongly recommended for www.otomodif.nets driving comfort and safety chain. Use a lubricant that is devoted to the chain The purpose other than to reduce wear of chain and gear because of the friction, also the provision of a lubricant can make a longer chain life.
What risks, if the chain is broken?
Clean the chain from dust and dirt. Generally, dust and dirt attached to the chain due to the use of incorrect lubricant. Used oil is not recommended for use on a chain because it invites dust and dirt. This is the accelerating wear and tear or damage on gears or chain and affect the strength of the chain that could lead to accidents.

The following are tips and tricks on how to care for the right www.otomodif.netcycle chain for chain we are always durable and comfortable when used in driving, especially for riders who hooked very same bike touring / travel. and to note there are 3 important things and that should always be done, ie checking, adjustment, and maintenance:
1.Periksa gear or chain condition if loose or not, do the adjustment by loosening bolts swing arm and chain set with a distance between 8-11 mm.
2.bersihkan chain with oil purifier, such as using diesel fuel.
3.Perhatikan closing conditions attached to the chain if the condition is good, because if the chain cover conditions that are not installed properly, in addition to harmful noise can also cause friction between the chain and cover.
4.Berilah lubricants in moderation, because excessive lubricant is also dangerous. can be dripped into the tire and make the tires skid.
Keep The Chain.