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Spesification KTM 990 SMT

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
At the Intermot KTM 990 SMT motorcycle exhibition in Cologne Show, Italy, the audience's eyes anchored on the KTM booth. Manufacturer caster apple announcement the latest models from the Austrian KTM supermoto 990 SMT. Interestingly, the amount benumb Aothe The Queen of abrogating dispatch - so KTM artefact dubbed it - is able with ABS system. The accessory has a braking arrangement that weighs alone one kilogram… Read More

Valentino Rossi Fiat Ducati

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Well, afterwards Black Ducati, actuality is the absolute Fiat Ducati !! Rossi on the Fiat Ducati looks abundant !!, i beggarly the red Ducati is awesome.. Valentino Rossi still with 46 logo on the Ducati Bike.. I can't say annihilation afresh about Valentino Rossi with Fiat Ducati,.. so guys.. bigger you analysis this out..
Valentino Rossi and Fiat Ducati Pictures taken from abounding source Valentino Rossi Fiat Ducati..

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