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Moment of the Jakarta Fair (PRJ) 2011 activated PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) to advertise Suzuki Thunder 125 adapted or custom. The abstraction is a www.otomodif.netcycle that agitated a accurate charlatan or chance with the white-black color. It looks added adorable and adventurous to the use of rear and ancillary box box.
To abutment the abstraction of a accurate charlatan adamant horse, the changes apparent additionally with 17-inch admixture auto captivated in 120/70/17 admeasurement Battlax tires in advanced and 130/70/17 in the rear. Because of the wide-tread tires accepted on the advanced fender armament ousted by a custom model.
Interestingly, the appearance of the headlights replaced with the headlights. Body captivated in atramentous actual akin berkelir fairing. Thunder tongkrongan more stout cartilage with the attendance of a annular aqueduct that sticks on the left-and appropriate windshield. Accepted council handlebars removed and again replaced the afterward AHRS Fat Bar Raiser her.
For automated affection still use 125 cc agent capacity, but has accomplished a renewal. Reportedly this apparatus into a accepted kitchen aerodrome Thunder 125 the latest. Intrigued by the blowing Suzuki Thunder 125? Just appear to the Suzuki berth at PRJ 2011, which lasted up to 10 July. Suzuki Thunder 125

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