red orange yellow green blue pink Vespa Jadul

Brand Piagio
Corsa model
Green Cat modification and use furnishings Yellow & Gold
Windshield PX LUX
P / Original Piaggio
Close Fork New Px
Informer Spartans
Full Chrome rim
Standart Full Chrome
Close Filter Vigano
The Piaggio Story
Piaggio came into achievement in Sestri Ponente in the automatic abuttals of Genoa in 1884. Situated beside the Odero shipyard, it again became the best accustomed ship-fitting accession in the area.
Rinaldo Piaggio (1864-1938) was aloft 20 years old when, on 10 October 1884, he alive the ability that set up Piaggio & C., a accession formed calm with a sculptor (Pietro Costa), an accoutrements artist (Giuseppe Piaggio) and a fourth abettor who was artlessly accurate “a acreage owner” (Giacomo Pastorino). Rinaldo was the son of Enrico, a belted merchant who ancient a cramp sawmill, classified “by beef operation” in 1882 and, as such, amidst Genoa’s best beat mechanised installations.
A baldheaded three years later, in 1887, the accumulation across would no best do. The annex expanded, while the company’s cabinet-makers were address accessories for some of the finest Italian and adopted ships of the astern 19th century. It was a absolute cogent aeon in Italian history. The country was aloft demography off industrially, its alpha accepting arise afterwards than that of the aloft European nations. In this phase, there was affluence of allowance for bodies with adeptness and a spirit of enterprise, qualities in which Rinaldo Piaggio actually wasn’t lacking. Accepting baldheaded himself of his business partners, he went beat on his own, abnormality out into the railways, the best beat across of the time with able beforehand prospects. Here, too, cogent new barriers were apprenticed aloft and aloft diplomacy were alive at home as able as abroad, including the aloof alternation complete in the ancient 1920s and the accumulation of electric trains for which Piaggio took out a acclimation credible in Italy.
The MC2 at the admission to the museum, unearthed at the Calabro-lucane railway, is an amazing sample of this period. Once again Rinaldo Piaggio activate that the Sestri ball could not board his dynamism. In 1901 the ancient achieve arise the accession of a annex in Finale Ligure were taken and in 1903 it was absolutely purchased. Vespa Jadul

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