red orange yellow green blue pink Yamaha Mio Soul 2011

Yanuar Ramadhani from Pontiac that had a 2011 Yamaha Mio Soul wants skutiknya modified by apply from Thailand. Create in Jakarta or Java, he said probably not exceptional, but for the city of Equatorial so something strange.

In the remodel Mio, Yanuar not want to rewind the wheel axis low rider style. Touches conducted on both the wheel rim 17 using a small tire wrapped to prevent rubbing against the box filter.

Finished wheel, choosing variations that optimize the supporting bolt-on products. The principle of harmonization may be crowded origin is maintained. Like the rear disc brake deliberately chosen colors. Likewise dengnan brake hoses, pulleys and even different colors are also given special because it used a perforated cover CVT.

Add a sip, the body is wrapped around the LED light. Unfortunately not evidenced in the evening.

Interesting, Mio Soul is disposable engine cut-off of the car taped to the steering stem or handlebars. Its function is not lethal to turn the machine, said Yanuar, but turn on the LED light. Then, the standard swing arm has been replaced custom models. Yamaha Mio Soul 2011

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